Trusted Nigerian Pool Builder for 25 Years

In business since 1993, O.B. Baker is recognized as one of the top pool building professionals in all of Nigeria.


Specially trained by experts in the United States and other countries, the team at OB Baker is one of the few pool builders in all of Africa that can handle the beautiful but challenging “vanishing edge” designs, and “all tile” installations. We’re also one of the few companies that is a member of both the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals® (APSP) and also the Swimming Pool & Allied Trades Association® (SPATA).


We take the extra time to join these organizations and to attend overseas training for one reason - to help us meet our goal of producing “Nigeria’s Finest Waterscapes.”

Our Products and Services

We provide all of the following products and services to homeowners in the Lagos Nigeria:

Why Choose OB Baker?

It’s no surprise we’ve grown to be the preferred pool builder for all of southern Nigeria, when you consider all of this:

  • Unmatched Experience - With nearly 20 years of experience, we know how to avoid the mistakes that “younger,” less experienced pool builders will inevitably make.
  • Experts of the Vanishing Edge - The “negative edge” or “vanishing edge” feature is probably the most challenging and unforgiving feature of any swimming pool project, and should never be attempted by an amateur. We are one of the few pool builders in all of Nigeria that has experience with this beautiful the challenging feature.
  • All Tile Interiors - an “all tile” interior has a tremendous advantage over traditional “plaster” interior’s, in that it doesn’t need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. However, it takes great craftsmanship and expertise to install an “all tile” finish. We have many years of experience installing this special and beautiful feature.
  • Member of APSP - The Association of Pool and Spa Professionals® (APSP) is the world's largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa, hot tub and recreational water industries. APSP members must adhere to a strict code of ethics in business and technical practices and share a strong commitment to the safe, healthful, and enjoyable use of industry products. The APSP effectively replaced another well-known U.S.-based industry organization known as “National Pool and Spa Institute” (NSPI) in 2006.
  • Member of SPATA - Members of SPATA must meet strict criteria before they are accepted and adhere to a strict code of ethics to remain a member. A SPATA member’s work is inspected before they can join, and periodically re-inspected afterwards. SPATA looks at the standards of their work, their trading ethics and their financial stability. SPATA sets the standards governing the construction and operation of pools, spas, saunas and steam rooms, and all SPATA members are required to follow these.
  • Extensive Referrals - Some pool builders have a questionable reputation, which makes it difficult for them to get referrals. By comparison, more than half of our business comes from happy customers who refer their friends or business associates to us.

APSP – “The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals”

 The APSP is the world's largest international trade association representing the swimming pool, spa, hot tub and recreational water industries. APSP is the leading industry advocate promoting professional best practices through education, industry standards, and safety.


APSP members adhere to a code of ethics in business and technical practices and share a strong commitment to the safe, healthful, and enjoyable use of industry products.

APSP Member Code of Ethics

All members of The Association of Pool & Spa Professionals agree to observe and be dedicated to the following principles and policies:

  • To promote the concepts of free enterprise and service to the public and the industry.
  • To strive continually to gain respect for the industry, both in the local community and on the regional and national levels.
  • To contribute to the health, safety and welfare of the public in the installation, maintenance and operation of swimming pools, spas and hot tubs, and to comply with applicable laws, ordinances and regulations.
  • To support efforts to improve swimming pool, spa and hot tub products and services, and to encourage research and development of new materials, techniques and methods.
  • To avoid statements which will mislead customers in advertising and other efforts to sell products?

SPATA Member Code of Ethics

  •  At all times to trade ethically both with the public and the industry.
  • At all times to abide by the Rules and Byelaws of the Association and to comply with these Swimming Pool Standards in the provision of swimming pools, ancillary equipment, and other goods, services or equipment allied or adjacent to the construction and installation.
  • Generally to quote in accordance with these Standards (in the absence of any other Standards specifically laid down in an invitation to tender).
  • To comply generally in all respects with the Trades Description Act, 1968, Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act, 1973, Sale of Goods Act and any other subsequent Acts amending or replacing the same so far as goods of the Members own manufacture are concerned.
  • To install all equipment according to manufacturer’s instructions or recommendations and all relevant legislation and Codes of Practice. To recognize that deviation from these recommendations, without approval, will transfer responsibility to the installer.
  • To advertise and market so that the validity and extent of the products and services advertised and offered by the Company is fully understood by the prospective client and at no time to use the technique of ‘selling up’. And at all times to comply with requirements of the Advertising Standards Authority.
  • Where a kit for the construction or erection of a pool is supplied either direct to a member of the public, or to a pool contractor, there shall be supplied sufficient specifications, instructions, working drawings, and information generally, as to the proper construction or erection of that pool and the installation of any equipment to be used therewith, together with an offer of supervision of the works (at a fee if such supervision is required).
  • Not unjustifiably to be derogatory in any way about a competitors products or services.
  • To use ones best endeavors to fulfill all contractual obligations.
  • To offer a reasonable warranty of products and services and to perform on such warranties, where justifiable claims are made, with reasonable expedition.
  • At no time, knowingly to do any act that could reasonably be construed as bringing the Member Company into disrepute and consequently the industry generally and the Association in particular.
  • To operate at all times in accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act, 1974. The Construction, Design and Management Regulation (CDM) 2007 and the general obligations regarding duty of care established in case law over many years.
  • To make domestic clients aware of the availability of the SpataShield Bond and Warranty scheme, which can offer protection against the risk of failure to complete a contract satisfactorily due to insolvency, subject to the relevant terms and conditions of the scheme? By failing to provide the relevant documentation to any client, this may jeopardize SPATA as an organization; therefore members should ensure that the correct procedures are followed.

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